Our Consultancy is specialised in foreign trade techniques and in other business proceedings that directly affect the international competitiveness of Spanish SMEs.

Our aim is to provide integral advisory services in international management, both on a strategic and on an operative level.

All the professionals that form part of the organigram as well as all the collaborators of Internacional Farmer y Asociados have training and experience in business management and administration. Furthermore, they are specialists in international trade management and strategy as well as in logistics and customs techniques.

We consider as a very significant fact, that the activity of our Consultancy is being acknowledged by all our customers, who remain loyal to our working methods.

Several public institutions are acknowledging and recommending us as advisors and agents for programmes that are officially promoted by them, as for example:

  • “SME Internationalisation Plan”
  • “Technical training for directors in foreign trade matters”
  • “R + D + i management in small enterprises”
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